DR CBT1 Segmented Concrete and Teak Bench

DR CBT1 Segmented Concrete and Teak Bench has 9 concrete blocks evenly spaced on a teak log. Two out of 9  blocks are 10″ larger creating L shaped bench. Bench can be customized with less or more blocks for a perfect fit into your landscape, office space, or home.

Teak logs are sealed with 4 coats of clear teak oil, all concrete surfaces are sealed with at 4-5 coats  of high-performance sealer available in semi-gloss or matte finish. The sealer is a penetrable type and provides an excellent stain, acid, and scratch resistance of concrete surfaces.

The 72″ concrete and teak bench weighs approximately 1000 lbs .

It is critical to assemble this concrete bench on a flat and leveled surface for the blocks to properly align and maintain its appeal.

We recommend help of at least two people when opening the crate and moving this bench at your location.  Also a utility/hand truck or dolly would be extremely helpful. Pushing or pulling concrete bench segments resting on any surfaces could result in damage to the columns and floor surface itself. No attempts should be made to move this bench once assembled.

DR CBT1 Segmented Concrete and Teak Bench will be delivered inside a crate.

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