Glass and Steel, No-Concrete Conference Table Design

Glass and Steel, No-Concrete Conference Table Design

A conference table with I-Beam base, bolted to concrete block, concrete and glass top, Designs by Rudy

When designing conference table for a client, I always ask several questions that help me start this process. However, sometimes there’s an idea that appears without any particular reason, and you just start drawing. The conference table I designed today is just that, it appeared, this time without any concrete attached to it and with no I-Beams.

From the bottom up, it starts with a 1/2″ thick steel plate with 10’s of various size steel tubing welded to it at various angles. Some of the tubes support top elements, 2 steel, and two glass sheets – 20 feet of it. Other, just add character to the piece.

Steel plate with laser cut company name suspended under one of the glass sheets

Some steel surfaces partially clear coated, other painted with contrasting color.

Check my other projects, I can customize any one of them or create a completely different design for you. Let’s talk  – Darek @ 847-281-5131 or email.

Click any of the renderings below to expand.

Looking for a custom boardroom table?

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